5 Travel-Related Business Ideas

Finding a business idea can be challenging because it seems like there is no room for new ideas. Look at it this way, there are many problems in the world and there is always a way to create a unique solution to these problems. Therefore, there may be other competitors in your niche but that doesn’t mean that you can’t come up with a novel way to solve the problems that your competitors address.

The travel industry has been around from the beginning of time. It has evolved from our ancestors using their feet and intuition to guide themselves across the Bering Strait to aeroplanes making travelling across international waters possible. There are some exciting opportunities to start a business in the travel industry. Here’re a few to get your idea mill turning.

Language Immersion

Travel business based on language solutions.
Rhody-Ann Thorpe, Founder of Languesol International

Meet Rhody-Ann Thorpe, founder of Languesol International. Languesol is an abbreviation for language solutions and is a company dedicated to providing foreign language learning opportunities through travel. Rhody-Ann and her team create and implement immersion programs that include:

  • language lessons
  • internships
  • volunteering opportunities
  • excursions

What better way to learn a foreign language than to visit a country where that language is spoken? Languesol International takes a holistic look at language immersion while providing cost-effective ways to make the immersion experience affordable. It’s a win-win for both the clients and the company.

Cultural immersion programs are nothing new. However, Rhody-Ann and her team have added a unique perspective by focusing on language immersion and promoting Jamaica as a destination for language travel. Her company is a real example of a Jamaican putting an interesting spin on an existing business idea.

Teach Abroad Programs

Teach overseas and earn money.
A female teacher in an international teaching program

The demand for Jamaican teachers overseas has increased. In fact, Jamaica is losing many of its best Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) teachers to popular teach abroad programs. You can partner with some of the best teach abroad programs to help them recruit and prepare Jamaican teachers for the transition to a new culture. There are few, if any, consultancy firms in Jamaica that offer this service. In fact, it is a good business idea for any country in the world that faces this brain drain dilemma; it is not limited to a business idea for Jamaicans.

Nuseir Yassin, founder of Nas Daily
(Image Credit: Nail Buzz)

Travel Blogging

Travel bloggers are a dime a dozen. Nuseir Yassin, however, took travel blogging to another level. His one-minute travel videos have taken his Facebook fans to more than 100 countries across the world, some of which you would never have heard of before because they are not popular travel destinations. These videos have made Nuseir a Facebook sensation. and have created opportunities for him to develop a successful video production business. He has shown that it’s possible to put a unique spin on an age-old travel-related business idea.

Let’s take it closer home. The World Up Closer is an example of a successful travel blog created by a Jamaican. Shea Powell takes her readers on an adventure to places that most Jamaicans only dream about. Check her blog out to see how she adds a unique twist on the travel experience. Also, check out her article called “4 Things to Remember When Travelling Long Term” if you’re thinking about making travel blogging your career.


Being a translator takes you places
(Image source: Pixabay)

It pays to be multi-lingual. Being fluent in any other language besides your native tongue can help you create international business opportunities. You can become a consulting translator for companies and even sign up for the UN’s translator program.

Set Up an Air BnB

Air BnB locations give tourists an affordable place to stay
(Image Source: Pixabay)

Some travel-related business ideas can be linked to existing companies. There has been a surge in the number of Air BnB locations in Jamaica as locals seek to use their real estate to capitalize on Jamaica’s vibrant tourism industry. You can get a piece of the pie and even sweeten the deal by offering an all-inclusive food and room package for guests.

Travel-Related Business Ideas do Exist in Jamaica

Business ideas in Jamaica are often hard to find. However, options do exist if you love to travel and have the skills to create a travel-related business. The ball is in your court. What other travel-related business ideas can you come up with? Tell us in the comments below.

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