Get the most comprehensive guide for starting a micro or small business in Jamaica.

Are you serious about creating a successful micro or small Jamaican business?

The book you need to get your business in Jamaica set up the right way.

It’s so easy to read.

There hasn’t been a business book specifically tailored to the needs of those who are just starting a business in Jamaica. We deliberately wrote this book in an easily digestible format so that you get all the information you need in one read. We’ve also included some opportunities for reflection so that you can truly apply what you’ve read to your unique situation.

It’s time for you to take that business idea off the back burner.

You’ve been sitting on your business dream for far too long. Now is the time or you to start a business that can ultimately help you experience the financial freedom you desire.

But don’t take our word for it…

Over 120 people have already purchased a copy of this book. What are you waiting for?


Find a unique business idea.

Learn about the W-I-N strategy for finding a business idea that stands the best chance of success.

Learn about taxes.

Taxes are an important part of keeping your business in good legal standing and finding business opportunities. Learn about the tax forms you need to pay attention to and how to keep good financial records.

3 Key Agencies

There are 3 key agencies you should know about if you want to start a business in Jamaica. This book gives you information about them.

Networking and Growth

Get some tips for networking and preparing your business for growth opportunities.

An easy-to-read book that simplifies the process of setting up a business in Jamaica.

What Our Customers are Saying

Kayla M.

Awesome read! The book every business owner needs.”

Odane L.

“This book is such a great and easy read! I love it! It’s a must read for Jamaican entrepreneurs.”

Rhody-Ann T.

“This easy-to-read guide covered a lot of faux pas to avoid at the various stages and some helpful gems to get your business off the ground and soaring. Highly recommend!

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