How Can Jamaican Entrepreneurs Manage Anxiety Caused by Covid-19?

Everyone, everywhere has been impacted negatively by the unannounced and unpleasant COVID-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurs aren’t left out.The pandemic has been a huge blow to most self-owned businesses in Jamaica. The effects have been devastating in some instances and will be long lasting if strategic measures are not taken. It’s not surprising that business owners feelContinue reading “How Can Jamaican Entrepreneurs Manage Anxiety Caused by Covid-19?”

How a Busy Entrepreneur Can Use Matcha to Keep Focused

So much to do, so little time. Does that phrase describe how you often feel as a busy entrepreneur? Your focus is haphazard as you try to pinpoint what you should really be paying attention to on any given day. Should you… Create more social media content? Start searching for expos to attend? Have thatContinue reading “How a Busy Entrepreneur Can Use Matcha to Keep Focused”

Power Foods for the Entrepreneur’s Brain

As entrepreneurs, we need to ensure that we’re feeding our bodies the correct nutrients so that we can stay active and alert. The popular saying, ‘’You are what you eat’’ is true; what you eat affects every part of your body, including your brain. The food we eat can either push us forward or holdContinue reading “Power Foods for the Entrepreneur’s Brain”

5 Helpful Ways to Drink More Water

Water is an essential component of a healthy life. According to Dr. Ann Marie Helmenstine, approximately 57-60% of an adult’s body is comprised of water while approximately 75-78% of an infant’s body is comprised of water. Healthline also states that water is essential for the following body functions: excreting waste regulating body temperature supporting brainContinue reading “5 Helpful Ways to Drink More Water”

Move to the Zumba Beat!

Am I the only person who rolls her eyes and takes a deep breath whenever the word “exercise” is mentioned? Uggghhhh! Do I really have to? Then I met Zumba. My friends always get a good laugh when I start dancing, but I’m proud to say that I have no shame! Turn on a Jamaican danceContinue reading “Move to the Zumba Beat!”