How to Use Your Artistic Talent to Make Money Online

Art isn’t limited to face-to-face sales. There are a myriad of online platforms that allow talented individuals to gain income through maximizing their artistic skills. But what separates the winners from the losers? People who take the time to deliberately hone their artistic talent turn out to be the ones who are able to transfer theirContinue reading “How to Use Your Artistic Talent to Make Money Online”

The Importance of Giving Back: Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has several definitions but there is a common thread connecting them- the social and economic benefits of giving back to the community and protecting the environment. Small business owners may think the costs of implementing a CSR are too expensive, especially when corporate governance and CSR reporting are considered. However, theContinue reading “The Importance of Giving Back: Corporate Social Responsibility”

Business Opportunities in Jamaica’s Security Industry

There is a popular line from Jamaican reggae artiste Jahdore’s single “Security Work” that aptly describes the struggles faced by security guards in Jamaica. It says, “Security wuk out fi kill me, but true di woman a mi yard, mi mortgage and mi four pickney, mek mi nuh lef dis work yet”. Listen to theContinue reading “Business Opportunities in Jamaica’s Security Industry”