Teaching What You Know: Growing Your Business in Jamaica

You were blessed with a special talent. Something that only you can do in exact way that you do. Too often we downplay our gifts because we feel that there are already so many other people out there who have the same talent and use it well. Throw those excuses through the window! Leave themContinue reading “Teaching What You Know: Growing Your Business in Jamaica”

How I Earn (On Average) $1,000 Monthly As An Online Freelancer

You may have read the heading for this blog article and laughed. A thousand dollars per month is nothing when you could probably earn close to $4,000 monthly selling products online. But, you see the truth is that some people are better at selling services instead of products. I happen to be one of thoseContinue reading “How I Earn (On Average) $1,000 Monthly As An Online Freelancer”

How to Develop Your Personal Brand in 2020 and Beyond

Personal branding is trending.  The coronavirus pandemic has given many of us an abundance of free time. Those who are wise have been using this newfound freedom to figure out what they really want to do with their lives and how they can better leverage their skills to make money. This strategic shift forms aContinue reading “How to Develop Your Personal Brand in 2020 and Beyond”

The Economic Benefits of Castor Oil

A few decades ago when a Jamaican heard the term castor oil, they would think of a thick, not particularly pleasant smelling oil that was famed to cure any affliction of the scalp and transform limp wispy hair into luscious locks. I remember very clearly a time in primary school when my mother was ‘gifted’Continue reading “The Economic Benefits of Castor Oil”

How to Use Your Artistic Talent to Make Money Online

Art isn’t limited to face-to-face sales. There are a myriad of online platforms that allow talented individuals to gain income through maximizing their artistic skills. But what separates the winners from the losers? People who take the time to deliberately hone their artistic talent turn out to be the ones who are able to transfer theirContinue reading “How to Use Your Artistic Talent to Make Money Online”

5 Ways Your Small Business in Jamaica Can Survive the Coronavirus

Each small business in Jamaica is unique. There are car marts, cook shops, restaurants, boutique hotels, clothing stores, street side vendors and the list goes on. Each small business in Jamaica plays a critical role in fueling the country’s micro-economic framework. The coronavirus came in like a flood, washing away a lot of what theseContinue reading “5 Ways Your Small Business in Jamaica Can Survive the Coronavirus”

$375,000 Tax Give Back – What It Means for Your MSME

The cries of MSMEs are being heard. Dr. Nigel Clarke presented another economic stimulus package that has some direct benefits for small business owners in Jamaica. It’s great news if you understand how to apply it. The most memorable aspect of his budget presentation was the 1.5 percent reduction in G.C.T. A reduction from 16.5Continue reading “$375,000 Tax Give Back – What It Means for Your MSME”

10 Tips for Managing Small Business Finances

Small business owners in Jamaica often complain about inadequate access to financing opportunities from financial institutions. Two critical factors scare many financial institutions away: 1. The high risk of a small business in Jamaica because the business’ earnings are so volatile. 2. Poor financial record keeping. Can we blame them? They have billions of depositor’sContinue reading “10 Tips for Managing Small Business Finances”

Should I Start an Air BnB in Jamaica?

Jamaica’s hoteliers are concerned. The Air BnB industry is growing with more than 10,000 active listings. However, some are using the cloak of an Air BnB listing to boycott tourism taxes under the guise of being “a small man trying fi mek a likkle money”. There’s nothing wrong with trying to make some money withContinue reading “Should I Start an Air BnB in Jamaica?”

Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

Global statistics on entrepreneurship reveal that approximately 582 million entrepreneurs exist globally.  Many people believe they have the “it” factor. They do what they do well, have found a product  (or service) that is sure to sell, and want to turnover money quickly.  So, they start a business.  No research, no groundwork, no mental preparation…theyContinue reading “Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?”