Tips for Filing Taxes in Jamaica

Entrepreneurs, especially those with a limited background in accounting, often go nuts at the thought of having to file taxes. Accounting consultants, therefore, provide an essential service to businesses. Their involvement in all stages of the entrepreneurial journey will ultimately determine your level of success. You may know about accounting and filing taxes, but focusing... Continue Reading →

Touched By Angel

Life often takes us on unexpected paths. Angelicia Smith, founder and creative director of Q’rative Beauty, has lived this reality. This 27-year-old beauty found her calling through an unfortunate twist of events. Her story is awe-inspiring and will give you the motivation necessary to pursue your dreams despite life’s challenges. Why Q’rative Beauty? I was... Continue Reading →

How To Finance Your Startup in Jamaica

Money is one of the greatest barriers faced by startups. You've got a killer idea and you know that you're on to something. A passionate flame burns within as you approach lending institutions and investors to get the capital needed to give your business the green light. To your dismay, no one else mirrors your... Continue Reading →

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