Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

Global statistics on entrepreneurship reveal that approximately 582 million entrepreneurs exist globally.  Many people believe they have the “it” factor. They do what they do well, have found a product  (or service) that is sure to sell, and want to turnover money quickly.  So, they start a business.  No research, no groundwork, no mental preparation…theyContinue reading “Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?”

How to Handle Fear as a Novice Entrepreneur

Fear seems like a curse word. Those who show any sign of it are often labelled cowards and ridiculed. We are expected to be superheroes for those around us, putting on a brave face so that they can feel secure. As Alicia Keys rightly said in her song Superwoman, “Even when I’m a mess IContinue reading “How to Handle Fear as a Novice Entrepreneur”

Power Foods for the Entrepreneur’s Brain

As entrepreneurs, we need to ensure that we’re feeding our bodies the correct nutrients so that we can stay active and alert. The popular saying, ‘’You are what you eat’’ is true; what you eat affects every part of your body, including your brain. The food we eat can either push us forward or holdContinue reading “Power Foods for the Entrepreneur’s Brain”