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Meet bold entrepreneurs

We feature burgeoning Jamaican entrepreneurs who tell the truth about suceeding in the Jamaican business world.

Reach a new market

Our advertisers tap into the power of a new market. With over 1,000 readers for each issue, we’ll help you reach your target Jamaican.

Believe in your dreams

We aim to inspire you to believe in the power of your dreams. Success is within your reach.


We provide
for budding entrepreneurs!

Success Lifestyle Magazine features the stories of inspiring entrepreneurs with Jamaican heritage. Jamaica is a beautiful country filled with dynamic people. We want to show that our country can truly be a place of choice for people to live, work and do business by highlighting some of our success stories.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I have gotten a lot of followers and people inquiring who have seen the ad. Thank you so much!

Fiona Lyn-Johnston

Sculpted Memories

No one has ever written something so nice about me. I’m grateful for this opportunity to feature my business.

Sabriena Williams

Toddler Care Jamaica

This is a beautiful piece. My business is young, but I believe this feature will give me the added exposure I need.

Roxanne Baxter

Isabelle Bows

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Our Team

Each issue takes weeks of hard work and preparation. None of it would be possible without the commitment of our exceptional team.

Christine McLean

Founder and Chief Content Creator

Christine is passionate about Jamaican small business success. She has spent the past 6 years developing her freelance writing career and is now pursuing an MsC in Corporate Finance.

Phillip Taylor

Graphic Designer 

Phillip is a gifted graphic designer and infographics specialist. He has had creative control of the magazine since the second issue.

Kristina Buddho

Health and Wellness Writer  and Recipe Creator

Kristina is passionate about healthy cooking and enjoys sharing healthy recipes. Some of her best recipes have been featured in the magazine since issue 2.


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