About Us

Success Lifestyle Magazine provides up-to-date information about starting a successful business in Jamaica. Each issue takes the reader on a journey through an aspect of the business development process.

We believe that entrepreneurship opens the gateway to financial freedom. The practical advice provided, along with the real-life features of successful young entrepreneurs, will help you pave the way for your own business’ success.

Believe. Live. Succeed. These three words form the ethos of our brand. We want all our readers to:

Believe in the possibilities of their dreams.

Live each day.

Succeed in making their dreams real.

As a subsidiary of CEM Writing Services, Success Lifestyle Magazine is committed to producing high-quality and meaningful content. This magazine is the brainchild of Christine McLean, a young Jamaican who is passionate about using writing to give people a voice.

Our Mission

To inspire the spirit of entrepreneurship in Jamaicans and help them achieve business success.

Our Vision

To become the ultimate source for business success content in Jamaica.

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