A Man on a Mission to Help Those In Need

Leadership is more than filing reports and issuing orders. "Leaders motivate us to go places that we would never otherwise go; [they] have the ability to attract followers, " said globally recognized leadership expert, Michael Maccoby . His words aptly describe what comes to my mind when I think about a leader - someone who... Continue Reading →

Touched By Angel

Life often takes us on unexpected paths. Angelicia Smith, founder and creative director of Q’rative Beauty, has lived this reality. This 27-year-old beauty found her calling through an unfortunate twist of events. Her story is awe-inspiring and will give you the motivation necessary to pursue your dreams despite life’s challenges. Why Q’rative Beauty? I was... Continue Reading →

Melody + Brains= Sheree

Some people are blessed with the right mixture of incredible talent and intelligence.  Sheree Burnett is one of these people. When meeting her for the first time, I was captivated by her beauty and charm. Her radiant personality, determination and drive have resulted in her becoming a co-director of the law firm Christian-Burnett Solicitors and... Continue Reading →

Mommy Power_Roxanne Baxter’s Story

Roxanne Baxter is a no-nonsense new mom filled with passion and love for her daughter. Like many new mothers, Roxanne wants her daughter to look and feel good. This desire, coupled with her love for fashion, inspired the creation of her business, Isabelle’s Bows. This 29-year-old woman is poised for success. I caught up with... Continue Reading →

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