How I Earn (On Average) $1,000 Monthly As An Online Freelancer

You may have read the heading for this blog article and laughed.

A thousand dollars per month is nothing when you could probably earn close to $4,000 monthly selling products online.

But, you see the truth is that some people are better at selling services instead of products. I happen to be one of those people and that’s why I’m sharing my story with you today. Hopefully, you’ll benefit from this content in some way.

I fervently believe that growth comes in small steps instead of giant leaps. I have spent the past seven months transitioning into a full-time online freelancing career. When this was just my side hustle I was earning (on average) between $500 to $600 monthly. Therefore, I consider a 50% increase for something that is now my full-time job a step in the right direction.

Growth comes in small steps instead of giant leaps.

Furthermore, the reality is that it takes time, strategy and patience to start earning big bucks as an online freelancer. It wasn’t easy for me to make the decision to work from home full-time. Income is volatile and $1,000 monthly barely covers my needs.

However, I believe that it’s one of the best decisions I made for my mental health. It’s also a decision that came at a time when I have the support of those closest to me who are helping me work through the challenges.

You may be searching for a way to make money online after losing your job during this coronavirus pandemic. Online freelancing is a good place to start, even if you’re only earning approximately $1,000 monthly.

This is my story. I hope that these tips and tricks I’m about to share will help you create a successful online freelancing career. It’s time to rebrand, refocus and reignite your passion for creating an online business doing what you love.

A Strong LinkedIn Profile Matters

I only began to take LinkedIn seriously over the past seven months. This professional social media platforms has helped me connect with people around the world who are doing amazing things in their industries. For instance, I now follow Winston Henderson who hosts a content marketing podcast where he interviews some of the best in the content marketing industry. These podcasts are filled with a lot of valuable information that has helped me grow as a content marketer.

LinkedIn has also helped me find some potential clients. The more content I post about what I do, the more messages and interactions I receive that could potentially result in revenue. Here’s an example.

You can view my LinkedIn profile by clicking here.

Need help creating a strong LinkedIn profile? Check out this gig or send me a message.

Pinpointing Your Ideal Online Freelancing Client Helps

I’ve found that it’s easy to get caught in the trap of applying to every possible job imaginable because I think I could probably do it and I need the money. This approach has led to opening jobs with clients who just weren’t the right fit for me. It also led to undue stress and pressure.

My strategy has changed. I discuss my new approach in this video.

Click here for the worksheet.

Know How to Connect With a Client’s Pain Point

I have posted jobs on UpWork over the past few years and one fact has been consistently prevalent – too many freelancers don’t know how to write good proposals! There is often no indication that these freelancers understand the problem that I am facing and can explain how their skills and/or experience can solve this problem.

In this video, I share some practical tips for writing a winning UpWork proposal. These tips can also be used to help you write a winning proposal on any online freelancing platform that you use.

Set a Monthly Goal

Goal-setting has become such a routine topic that we often tune out when we hear someone discussing. It’s sort of like an “Oh no! Not again!” type of vibe. I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty of proper goal setting. However, I will say this. Monthly goal setting is important for helping you stay focused on building your online freelancing client base.

I’ve pressed the “Repeat” button on my monthly online freelancing goal because I haven’t yet achieved it. My aim is to earn at least $2,000 per month using online freelancing. I’m half-way there and know that I need to increase the consistency of my content marketing efforts so that I can attract more clients. That’s my aim. What’s yours?

You Need a Website to Display Your Portfolio

A website is your brand’s online real estate.

You may not have a registered business. Instead, you may be trying to build your personal brand so that you can attract more opportunities. Regardless of your motive, you need a website that gives the right first impression.

My website showcases what I have to offer as a content writer. I attempt to guide website visitors through my sales funnel on my landing page. I also have a blog where I showcase what I know about the industry. This blog also has the potential to be a content marketing asset if I use the right keywords and blog consistently.

One of the most important features of my blog though is my portfolio. This is where clients can truly gauge my writing style and determine whether I am the best fit for them. It’s all about showcasing who I am and how I can solve a client’s problem.

Make Money Online Using Freelancing

Online freelancing is one of several ways to use your skills to make money online. This is what I do as my primary source of income. It’s a work in progress but, when done correctly, it has the potential to bring in a good ROI.

The best advice that I can give you as you begin your online freelancing journey is “Stick with it!”. Nothing worth having comes easily. You’ll only reap the rewards of online freelancing through consistent effort.

Cheers to your success as you make money online using freelancing!

You can get more support by completing one of my UpWork courses. Here are the links.

How to Get UpWork Clients (2020 and Beyond)

Advanced Strategies to Secure Better UpWork Clients

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