My Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

“Think It, Teach It, Sell It” is a practical guide for people who want to teach online. It’s a book that comes at a time when more people are searching for effective ways to make money online.

Julia is proof that teaching online works.

The only way for this book to add value to your life is if you follow Julia’s simple steps to create and publish your first online course. She makes it seem so easy!

Here are three things that I love about this book.

It’s Written By a Jamaican Author

My heart beamed with pride when I discovered that a fellow Jamaican had written a good self-help book. Julia is a bundle of energy. She is passionate about what she does and wrote this book because she genuinely wants to help people achieve online teaching success.

Check out her YouTube channel!

There Are Opportunities for Thoughtful Reflection

Online course creation is a deeply personal process. Julia doesn’t just write huge blocks of text that leave readers trying to figure out exactly how to get things done. Instead, she guides you step-by-step through making each part of the process work for you.

She asks prompting questions to make the content applicable to real life. Each question then has spaces where you can write your answers. She even takes it a step further by offering one-on-one assistance via her website.

It’s So Easy to Read!

Julia gets straight to the point. Unreservedly. No questions asked. That’s why the book is basically only about 90 pages long! You can literally complete the book in an hour.

The book is short but purposeful. The aim is to help readers clearly understand what they should do. It’s then the reader’s responsibility to make the magic happen.

What Would I Have Loved to See?

Let me put out a disclaimer; these are my preferences. Feel free to disagree once you’ve read the book.

I would have loved to have seen more depth in the chapters. They provide clear step-by-step guidance. That’s true. However, I still feel that more depth could have been provided; that secret magic is missing.

Additionally, I think a very important topic was overlooked – marketing. I don’t know if Julia plans to cover marketing an online course in a separate book. However, it would have been valuable to have even the basics here. An online course is pointless if the creator doesn’t know how to get it in front of the right people.

Finally, Julia mentions that a part of the course creation process involves asking your audience what they want to learn. Someone new to online course creation, however, may not have an audience. Therefore, Julia could have detailed how to conduct online market research when you don’t have an audience. Trust me, seeking feedback from friends, family members or even coworkers is insufficient.

A Good Read for Online Course Creation Newbies

In summary, “Think It, Teach It, Sell It” is a great starter guide for someone who wants to teach online. Julia is an online teaching expert. Her passion is evident in this book and she has made herself available for the one-on-one support that some readers will need. Kudos to her!

You can purchase your copy of “Think It, Teach It, Sell It” on Amazon by clicking here.

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