Power Foods for the Entrepreneur’s Brain

As entrepreneurs, we need to ensure that we’re feeding our bodies the correct nutrients so that we can stay active and alert. The popular saying, ‘’You are what you eat’’ is true; what you eat affects every part of your body, including your brain. The food we eat can either push us forward or hold us back.

Dynamic, motivated and passionate entrepreneurs aren’t interested in things that hold them back. That’s why we should be vigilant about what we put into our bodies..Here are five power foods that help with brain function and the overall health of our bodies.

5 Power Foods Every Entrepreneur Needs

Power Food #1: Avocado

Image Source: Aliana Karpenko

Avocado has monounsaturated fats that help promote healthy blood flow to the brain. These healthy monounsaturated fats are also good for the heart. Avocados also contain antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, a variety of B vitamins, manganese, copper, magnesium potassium, and phytosterols which are known to help with reducing inflammation and cholesterol. The right amount of avocado each day can help keep the doctor away!

Fun Avocado Breakfast Recipe 

Time is an entrepreneur’s most prized possession. There’s often so much to do that even thinking about making breakfast seems impossible. These fun avocado toast recipes based on your zodiac sign prove that it doesn’t take much time to create a healthy breakfast. 

Want another fun avocado recipe to try? Check out our Faux Avocado Mint ice cream recipe in Issue 2 of our magazine!

Power Food #2: Garlic

Image Source: Mike Kenneally

Most of us aren’t  fans of garlic but it’s a powerful food that can  combat many ailments. Believe it or not, garlic and honey work wonders against the flu!  Garlic is neuroprotective and has anticancer properties. It can remove toxins from the brain but it’s usage should be monitored because it’s also an effective blood thinner. You don’t want to thin out your blood too much; everything in moderation. However, garlic’s blood thinning properties can help stabilize blood flow for those who have trouble with blood clots.

Nifty Garlic Bread Recipes

Garlic bread is a popular side dish that allows us to look past the strong odour and taste of garlic. Although the health benefits of garlic are more potent when it is consumed in its raw state, it’s still important to incorporate garlic into your meals. Here are a few nifty garlic bread recipes to help you get started.

Thinking about trying another garlic recipe? Check out our healthy Garlicy Chickpea Falafel Wraps recipe in Issue 4 of our magazine.

Power Food #3: Leafy Greens

Photo Credit: Vince Lee

Greens are held in high regard on the food chart because, when eaten regularly, they provide a significant health boost. Green, leafy vegetables from kale and spinach to collard greens help keep our brains sharp. Kale is a source of vitamin A, C and K. Spinach is packed with vitamin A and C. Surprisingly, you get more nutrients from spinach when it’s cooked because the heat reduces the spinach’s oxalate content thus freeing up its dietary calcium.  A diet that is high in leafy greens is said to reduce cognitive impairments such as Alzhiemers. 

Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

A smoothie is something that you can make quickly on the go using a portable handheld blender such as the TF Life 2 Cup Cover Personal Juicer Blender. Here are three simple healthy green smoothie recipes. 

Spirulina is another green vegetable that works wonders. As Chronixx said, “Spirulina buil’ up mi confidence…[and] wash off mi hart”. Check out our Vegetable and Spirulina Soup recipe in Issue 5 of our magazine.

Power Food #4: Walnuts 

Photo Credit: Felix Mettermeier

Nuts generally boost health, but the walnut is specifically linked to improved brain function. It’s no coincidence that the walnut is a brain shaped nut! Walnuts have twice the antioxidants compared to almonds and peanuts.  They’re also a healthier choice for snacking because they keep you fuller for longer and don’t contain saturated fats.

A Sweet and Healthy Walnut Snack Recipe

Do you have an insatiable sweet tooth?  This sweet and healthy walnut snack recipe will appease your sweet tooth and give your brain the health boost it needs.

Check out our healthy Homemade Granola recipe in Issue 3 of the magazine. It includes walnuts!

Power Food #5: Salmon

Photo Credit: Caroline Attwood

Like walnuts, salmon has the omega 3 oil DHA. DHA plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy brain cells and wild salmon is full of it. Eating more of this fish will definitely help improve your brain health. 

7 Great Salmon Recipes

Salmon is quick to prepare and provides a healthy dinner option. Check out these 7 great salmon recipes.

Putting It All Together

A healthier you is a happier you! You’ll be more productive, more positive and more energetic if you take the time to put the right foods into your body. These five power foods should become an integral part of your diet. This doesn’t mean, though, that it’s okay to eat a healthy meal in the morning and then fast food for lunch. Healthy eating should be a lifestyle that you consistently practice throughout each day. Remember to feed your brain well while you’re  on your daily grind.

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