How to Handle Your Zero-Motivation Days

This is it. I finally reached my tipping point. Sure, I enjoy being my own boss, setting my own rules and living life on my own terms. It’s blissful. However, there were at least 2 days out of the past 3 months where I did not want to get out of bed. Depression was real. I don’t regret leaving my 9 to 5, but I wish there was some magic wand that I could wave to increase my cash flow and build a thriving business. There isn’t and it’s one of the tough realities we have to face as entrepreneurs.

I push through and try to get as much done as possible on my down days. However, it’s haaarrdddd! My home office is forgotten as I seek solace on the couch in the living room with the TV on as a distraction. I am trying to do what I can to maintain some amount of focus. Pushing through has taught me 3 valuable lessons that I believe can also help you on your zero-motivation days.

Your Cashflow Will Improve

I am not even earning 50 percent of what I need to be earning to handle all my responsibilities. I have freelancers to pay for magazine work, a monthly car loan payment, a small contribution to household bills, travelling expenses for the masters classes I attend on Sundays, and a tuition fee that I pay on a semester-by-semester basis. Thankfully, I live with my mother and have no children so I don’t have many of the other expenses that you may have. Nevertheless, it still is a lot to handle .

One fact has remained constant throughout this past year; things will work out. For instance, I only saved enough to cover half of my September 2019 tuition from the last bit of my full-time job salary. I worked extra hard to ensure that I earned the other half through my online work. This hard work enabled me to walk proudly into the Mona School of Business and Management’s office to pay my September to December 2019 tuition in full. God be praised!

The point is that things may look bleak now. However, your cashflow will improve and things will get better. Hard work is a prerequisite of entrepreneurship; you can create a thriving business if you put in the work even when your motivation is low.

A Change of Scenery Helps

Working as an online freelancer full time has forced me to realize the importance of changing things up a bit. I know that I need distractions on my zero-motivation days. Of course, I work best in the mornings and when my surroundings are perfectly quiet. However, the sounds of my own thoughts can be deafening in this silence when my motivation is low. So, there are times when I have to move to the living room, sit in front of the tv and watch my favorite shows while trying to get client work done. Changing my scenery helps me to push through.

People Depend on You

Failure isn’t an option. Sure, I’ll make mistakes as I grow as an entrepreneur but I can’t allow failure to keep me down. There are people who depend on me earning money, who are inspired by what I do and who are rooting for me to succeed. I am not only doing this for me, I am also doing it for them. The same is true for you. You would be surprised by the number of people who are silently cheering you on and who are inspired by your success. Don’t let your zero-motivation days lure you into a rabbit hole.

Putting It All Together

Decreased motivation is a side-effect of working from home. However, your business won’t grow if you allow that decreased motivation to overwhelm you. Instead of laying in bed all day, get up, show up and be the boss you were meant to be. Keep pushing and you’ll see the magic happen! Don’t forget to pre-order a copy of our one-of-a-kind business development book specifically written for Jamaican startups. Click here to learn more.

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