5 Helpful Ways to Drink More Water

Water is an essential component of a healthy life. According to Dr. Ann Marie Helmenstine, approximately 57-60% of an adult’s body is comprised of water while approximately 75-78% of an infant’s body is comprised of water. Healthline also states that water is essential for the following body functions:

  • excreting waste
  • regulating body temperature
  • supporting brain function

I decided when I was about 12 years old to stop drinking soda. It was an easy decision for me because I wasn’t a huge fan. As a result, water became my go-to beverage. I then became addicted to Tru Juice until I realized that was mostly sugar. Now, I only drink water and fruit smoothies.

There are some of you reading this article who can’t relate. You think that water is the worst beverage on earth and always have to spice it up with some type of flavor (Tang, syrup, Kool Aid and the list goes on). What if I told you that there’s a way for you to make the healthier choice? Would you start gradually phasing the sugar-filled beverages out of your life?

You can fight the unhealthy temptations and support your healthy lifestyle by using these 5 tips to drink more water.

Try Smoothie Recipes

A common complaint of people who hate drinking water is that it’s tasteless. That’s why they always need that sugar element. Get some healthy sweetness in your body by trying smoothie recipes.

I prefer smoothies that consist solely of fruits. Some people like to add yogurt or plant-based milk to theirs. The choice is yours, but all you really need is a good blender, your favorite fruits/vegetables diced, water some ice and yogurt or milk (if you so desire). Smoothies are really easy to make and help you sneak in the water and vitamins your body needs.

Squeeze Some Lemon

Lemon adds flavor. But its benefits don’t stop there. Lemon helps:

  • stomach acid prooduction
  • provide vitamin C and potassium
  • improve your skin

A little chups of lemon goes a long way.

Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Another challenge you may face is consistently drinking enough water throughout the day. Carrying your own water bottle with you wherever you go throughout the day helps. It’s a constant reminder that you need to drink that water until the bottle is empty.

Set a Reminder on Your Phone to Do a Hydration Check

You may laugh when you read this because who really has the time to set reminders about hydration checks? Even if we do, we’ll probably ignore them when they appear because we’re too busy. (Notice I’m saying we because this is also a problem for me.)

However, being serious about our health means that we’ll do what it takes to drink enough water. Set a goal each day for the amount of water you’re going to drink. Two litres is the recommended daily amount. So, let that be your benchmark. Set a time each day to check on your progress. If you aren’t meeting the goal, do something about it.

Drink Water Before You Eat

Make it a habit to drink water before you eat.  Not only does this keep you hydrated, but it can make you fuller and help you avoid overeating. It’s a win-win.


Water is crucial for your improved health journey. Follow these tips to eliminate the sugar-filled drinks and make drinking water a natural habit.



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